Boat rental

noleggio barche per turismo e pesca sportiva


Boat rental for tourism and sport fishing

Do you want to spend a pleasant day fishing at sea or experience the unique thrill of deep sea bluefin tuna fishing?

In Porto Barricata you can rent boats 5 meters long equipped with efficient 4 strokes 40 Hp engines, ideal for a sport fishing day in the sea or lagoon with your friends: the mussel farms in the sea, already visible from the harbor represent a fishing hotspot for  mackerels, piers and sea breams, but  sometimes douring the year you could be surprised by tunas jumps! The Sacca Scardovari, a lagoon near the harbour and neighboring waterways allow to fish sea bass, sea breams, mullets and, at the mouth of the same rivers and lagoon, the combative bluefishes and learfishes up to 25kg!

For deep sea fishing,  over six miles from the coast, you can rent boats from 6.5 to 8m, good for for bluefin tunas, dolphinfishes and skipjack tunnies. Drifting, trolling, spinning and fly fishing are fishing techniques usually used by our fishermen.!

For those who do not practice our sea areas or for those who want technical support for the first boat fishing trips, our guides will be happy to accompany you with their personal equipment.

Do you want to spend a relaxing day with your friends and family, lulled by the tranquil waters of the Po Delta?

By renting one of our boats you can explore the branches and lagoons of the Delta, birdwatching and admire the beautiful views of our landscape .It ‘s nice to rest for a picnic, a walk and a swim in the sea on our wild beaches reachable only by boat.

The boats carry up to 6 people, they do not need a boat license, are easy to drive even for those who do not have any nautical experience. We suggest river routes we test, with various navigation lengths (2-4-6h).

Throughout the Delta and in the sea area up to 3-4 km from the coast,mobile phones run; ther are always identifiable landmarks that make navigation easy. In addition, at the time of departure we suggest and explane some routes,  giving a map of the Delta, and make a briefing about the use of the boat and the navigation rules.

Finally, to make your experience even more interesting, expert guides can get you inside the Po telling all about the curiosities of the “Great River.”

Below is the list of rented boats:

5.0 meters boats, equipped with 4-stroke 40 Hp engine. (Driving without license) approved within 6 miles. Max 6 people onboard

Ship Polyform “Triakis 21” 7 m, equipped with 2 stroke 175 Hp Mercury e.i. engine

(Driving with license) approved up to 12 miles

Fisherman Grady White 30 CC, two 350 hp Yamaha engines FB 10 m f.t. equipped for deep sea fishing

How much does the boat rental? See the price list.

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